The Wynaut Project Announces Next Steps

Howdy, Wynauts! 😊

Our love for ya’ll is overflowing; we on the dev teams are mirrors of the beautiful, unbridled energy you have brought to our Revival. WE ARE BACK FROM THE BRINK!

First, we’d like to address what happened this past week. A member of the old development team (@bnbendgame) gained access to the team wallet via an internal decision which excluded the community. After running with the funds, panic sales followed. In that moment of darkness, the dev team stood up, buckled up, and rallied. None of the developers responsible for that catastrophe remain on the team. Further, we have since regained full capacity as a team, so the dreams we had before the fiasco are developing in front of us like a kawaii baby Wynaut. The integrity of both Meowth and Wynaut are uncompromised; both coins are safu.

Best Community in Crypto

So what now?
1. The team reformed. Respected members left and new ones joined the project. Firekid is out. @sainttrick @TheMainMoose @JensAnderson @CJwynaut @yaboyYnot @pw0_0 @walfg @PREFIXRT @Carlos_BTC @dwinurulfathoni90 @Coachcapella @juno0x153 are your new crew mates.

The team will rebrand under a new name, and more information will be announced. We plan to deliver the roadmap soon following many exciting announcements.

2. We will be launching a new token 🍀 to start anew. Our current tokens (Meowth/Wynaut) will help you acquire said new token, like early access. Additionally, we will take snapshots of the market at different times during the last week to compensate holders accordingly in a way that is equitable, sustainable, and sourced from community feedback(Airdrop).

3. WE ARE HIRING — Front end Developer 👩‍💻 C + Mod v2 @PREFIXRT
If interested, email us at Examples of work are highly encouraged.

4. As we are pivoting, mod activity will be reduced 🗣. The chat will still be active, in our slight distance please keep the love alive. First and foremost this is a community project.

5. We know ya’ll are as excited as we are for the upcoming announcements and project development. We would love to give u as clear a window into our direction as possible, as soon as possible! We as a team have been moving very differently than before: having frequent all-team meetings, developing a system of checks+balances internally, and assuring a constant ear on the community. As we are still in the early stages of this pivot, we don’t want to make any promises we can’t fulfill- so please be patient for our word!

For now just know: is safe. is safe.

We encourage our community, and need our community to help us out.

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” –Mewtwo

-Wynaut Team

Wynaut reflects a portion of fees back to its holders. Join us as we rebuild: